Satellite Direct Readout Conference
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Call for Abstracts Poster

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Instructions for the Oral Presentations

The following are responsibilities for SDRC Speakers:

Speakers will be asked to submit a short abstract and bio to a few weeks before the conference (04 March 2011).

Speakers will be given a list of instructions for: preparing the talks, the quality, the number of slides recommended, the length of the talk and allowing time for questions.

Speakers are asked to register for the conference.

This conference will have an international audience with interpreters. Speakers should speak slowly, keep it simple, but get the main points across.

Each speaker will be asked to submit a power point slide presentation set by the deadline. Please use large font and keep the slides informative, but simple. All presentations must be in MS PowerPoint 2003 (.ppt) or 2007+ (.pptx) format. Presenters are strongly encouraged to test their presentations on a PC running Windows and ensure all animations/loops work in slide show mode. Due to the tight schedule and other constraints, it is required that all speakers use the main presentation laptop and not individual ones.

The pre-conference ftp site is:, but at least one electronic copy of the presentations should be brought to the conference. All conference presentations will be posted on the conference web site.

At the Conference, speakers will meet with the session co-chairs before their session.

Speakers will be asked to complete their talks at the end of their assigned time-slot.

Thank you very much for your time and patience to help make this conference a success.

Marlin O. Perkins
NOAA Direct Readout Program Manager

Instructions for Poster Displays

The following instructions are for Poster Presenters:

As a way to highlight the broad range of poster topics, please provide a one-page poster summary that will be presented on your behalf (on Wednesday, the 6th of April). A template is available. This 1-page summary should be emailed to ( by March 25th.

To be able to fit two posters per board, please orientate your poster in portrait (vertical) mode. The maximum width would be 4'. While posters can be up most of the week, the main poster session will be the afternoon of the 6th.

The conference web page will post both your abstract and an electronic copy of your poster. To this end, please provide an electronic copy of your poster by the end of the conference. Send the file to:

Please inform the poster organizers if there's any question(s) regarding your poster presentation.

Thank you for your contribution to making this conference a success.

Last Updated: Feb, 2011